Leonid Kostroma



Born 12 October 1981.


2002: BA with distinction from the Higher School of Economics.

2005: MA in Economics with distinction from the Higher School of Economics.

Work experience:

Started his career as an analyst with research companies specialising in socio-economic and political research.

Until 2012, worked as a strategic consultant and researcher advising federal and regional authorities, state-owned companies and international and Russian development institutions on a wide range of economic and investment matters.

Joined the Moscow City Investment Agency in 2012:

From December 2012 to December 2014: Deputy Director, Strategy.

From December 2014: Agency Director.

Responsible for:
  • Investment strategy and analysis;
  • Developing economic and legal project terms, including as part of PPP;
  • Examining companies applying for real sector support and launching new investment projects;
  • Promoting investment opportunities available in Moscow;
  • Evaluating investment projects;
  • Developing and promoting the Moscow Investment Portal, etc.

Hobbies: cycling, swimming

Favourite place in Moscow: VDNKh